Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remix #1 (Visual) Prufrock's Love Song

So, when I read Prufrock, I think of a highly intelligent, over-dramatic (and melodramatic), egocentric kinda guy.  I feel like he is well-liked, but tired of always feeling examined or inspected.  His obsession with his outer appearance raises his anxiety levels to an absurd level, as far as calling himself a specimen "pinned to a wall".  Sometimes I just want to tell him, "Hey, one really cares that much about you. Stop worrying so much." 

Steps to complete this picture:
1. Use 
 1. Find a nice black background off Google Images to use.
2. Honestly, all I did was randomly search for pictures of "Old Bars" "Misunderstood", "All seeing Eye", "Staircase", "Legs going down stairs", "Pinned bug".
3. Once having an ample collection of good photos to use, I started placing them where they looked good. (The revising portion of this assignment takes the most time!)
4. When you use the "Overlay" option on, you must use an eraser to cut the excesses of the images.  (I used the erase button to trim my images on almost every picture.  You should use this option as needed; it is a great tool to help your creation)
5. Insert text with the simple text option. (I found some lines from the poem that moved me.  I would use the text sparingly as the picture(s) should speak louder than the text(s)). I used the font called "STAMPETE".
6. It is important to add some type of movement to your art.  (Ex. The drink spilling over.  Or, Prufrock coming down the stairs) You must direct your spectator's eyes to follow a smooth-flowing cadence.
7. Have fun, revise often, and be patient! (I messed up so many times.  And nothing bothers me more than time you will never get back!)



  1. This is so incredibly clever. I usually teach Prufrock by having student pull lines and have them act them out. This is a really cool alternative to get them to see it visually. What an awesome job you did here.

  2. I love your take on Prufrock. I think you did an excellent job on this picture. The image definitely has dimensions and texture to it.

  3. NIce work here... I think your explication of how the images you chose fit with your understanding of Prufrock's character is absolutely vital... you unearth the implied "warrant" of the claim made by the visual text.